Introducing AI: My lil' Secret Growth Hacking Asset!

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Added on Jul 29, 2022
Introducing AI: My lil' Secret Growth Hacking Asset!

Among my favorite things as a Corporate Growth Hacker is anticipating how technology will change the world and how I can leverage it to help my clients perform better in the digital age. However, as a Bible-believing Christian, I am also concerned about how far AI will go, and how it may affect the way we interact with and perceive the world around us. How do we balance both?

We are living in a time of rapid change, and there is a revolution happening right before our eyes.

We can't escape the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our lives and our work! AI is about to revolutionize online commerce, and birth a new way of doing business online.

In this era of digital transformation, the only way to be ahead of the game, is by implementing tools your competition doesn’t know about.

And this is where AI comes in.

Are you having trouble writing content for your article? AI can help.‌‌

Wish there was a way to turn that article into a video? AI can do that.‌‌

Want to add real-sounding voice overs to this video? AI got you covered.‌‌

You prefer a professional spokesperson to a voice-over, but in Arabic? AI baby.

In fact, I can make a video of someone reading this whole article in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, I can put a face of an AI spokesperson to the whole thing.

Don't believe me?

Here's an artificial explainer video for my Growth Lab talent division, that I instructed AI to create, based on a video script that AI previously helped me write:

Here's another artificial explainer video for my DFY Zone landingpage:‌

For both explainer videos, I was using a high-end writing program by OpenAI that takes my writing prompts and creates an entire article or video script you wouldn't know was written by humans or not. (Btw, I'm sharing some of these tools in my newsletter)

But this is not where it ends!

The other day I told Midjourney Bot (similar to OpenAi's DALL.E2) to create an artistic picture of Nikola Tesla discussing the implications of AI with Einstein. Here's the result:

My next request was that Frida Kahlo take a selfie in space. Boom. I went on to create some modern-day versions of Tesla smiling in front of a rocket ship.

In light of all the information you've absorbed thus far...

Let's put things into perspective

Think about the impact all of these functionalities could have on your business.

How would your writers' block improve if you had an AI who could generate an entire article from two keywords?

How would it change your performance if you could have an illustration created in 20 seconds that reflected your specific message?

Let's say you are an introvert. How could AI help you show up online without showing your face?

How much time and money could you save by generating a real-human sounding voice over from your text, with a click of a button?

Does it hurt or help your business?

So, let's break it down from a business perspective.

  1. You can create all of your own unique articles by just providing a series of text prompts that describe what you want. AI will do the rest.
  2. If you want specific visuals, you no longer need to pay for stock images, or pay an illustrator spend tens of hours drawing and rendering the idea that is in your head.
  3. If you can't find a spokesperson to present your business case, or lack the finances to pay a professional voice over talent to read your audio book, you have now the opportunity to use AI at a fraction of the costs.

Perhaps you are thinking the same thing as I am... While this saves everyone a lot of time and money, it potentially puts a lot of people out of business.

In other words, where do we draw the line between using artificial intelligence and avoiding it? I‌‌'d love to hear your take on this. Connect with me on LinkedIn to share your thoughts.

Prepare your business for this change.

Click on the button below if you are interested in receiving my tech trend reports that includes the tools I used to have AI write this text, and create this video. Learn what the future of AI holds, how it will impact you personally, and how you can prepare for this change by leveraging Artificial Intelligence for business success.

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